Three Social Media Marketing Tips

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Three Social Media Marketing Tips

It’s no secret that social media marketing is an excellent, affordable way to easily reach large audiences — but getting results isn’t guaranteed. 

To help improve your social media strategies, here are three more social media marketing tips from the Axel & Associates team . . . 

First: Use video in your content. Adding multimedia to any social media posts or ads will draw more attention and improve its effectiveness. But these days the secret is out and most posts and ads have at least images or graphics of some kind. Your ad would be better served, however, using a video clip. Bonus tip: remember that most videos that play online will be muted when people see them. So when you put your videos together, make sure to factor that in and communicate effectively without sound. Using some text in your video in a good way to do this!

Second: Add a personal touch. Most successful responses to social media ads and content come from people feeling something distinct from it. There is a strong craving in society for authenticity from public figures and advertising. You can speak to this need by infusing personality into your ads. That can be with humor, moderated quirkiness, or heartwarming backstories. Bonus tip: The latter has become particularly effective as a marketing approach since the onset of COVID-19 as people are looking to connect with more humanized brands. 

Third: Convert happy customers into brand ambassadors! This is an innovative way to build organic support and strongly reward brand loyalty. You can start this pretty easily by scanning social media for positive reviews and statements on your products/services. If you find a few individuals who have repeatedly said very positive statements (or one very strongly supportive one), feel free to reach out to them either through a direct message or a comment to their post. In your response, be sure to communicate gratitude for their statement(s) and offer a way for them to get in touch with you through an official line of communication, like an office number or a general business email account. As finances are tighter these days, you might be able to arrange an exchange of free products or services in exchange for their support for a period of time as well as a commission-based compensation structure that you both benefit from. 

Stay tuned for more free social media marketing pro tips, tricks, and strategies from the experts at Axel & Associates! 

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