Three Tips To Improve SEO Rankings

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Three Tips To Improve SEO Rankings

Even before the arrival of COVID-19, the virtual community has been expanding by the minute. That means an increasing number of website being created, and many around similar industries. 

To help your business stand out and get an edge online, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to integrate in a disciplined and methodical way.

Here are three fresh tips and tricks to improve your business’s SEO game from our SEO experts at Axel & Associates. . . 

First, when thinking about keywords, remember to think like an SEO expert. That means not indiscriminately peppering them throughout all your content. Instead, strategically and surgically insert them in appropriate places that matter most. That includes the basics like your content title, your URLs, and your tags. While many unfortunately don’t our thought into these and rely on auto-generators, this is a huge missed opportunity. All of these count towards your SEO rankings and can make a difference, especially with the more content you create.

Second: it doesn’t stop there. Also look at specifically at the first 100 words of content and the file names of any media/images you choose to include. Bonus tip: To be more informed about what keywords are the best to use, we recommend doing keyword research with SEO keyword generators or, better yet, working with SEO specialists to do all this legwork for you and apply it in the best possible way. 

And third — as another general rule that applies not only to your first 100 words but also the full length of your content: don’t duplicate material. In the early years of SEO, that may have been an easy way to pack in material and boost your rankings back in the 1990s, but today’s search engine algorithms are highly sophisticated and constantly improve. They do look for this and will punish your page for trying this trick, so it’s best to reword any content that you have elsewhere on your website if you feel the need to repeat any points.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, strategies and SEO basics from our team at Axel and Associates! 

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