How To Use Psychology to Boost Your Call To Action

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How To Use Psychology to Boost Your Call To Action

When it comes to online marketing ads and landing pages, your Call To Action (CTA) is the most important part. As the focal-point your ad builds up to, it is the main indicator of how successful your ad is.

Fortunately, there are ways to use psychology to boost your odds of success and help ensure your CTAs deliver more follow-through from your audiences.

Here are some reliable marketing psychology tips from the Axel advertising experts…

Ways To Improve Your CTAs With Psychology

First: Make sure you’re targeting the right people. This is absolutely essential. If your ad is reaching people that it is not relevant to, then your entire campaign is built on a weak foundation and most people that find your landing pages will probably bounce off anyway. However, if you are starting off from a solid foundation of reaching the right people early on, then these tips can help make the difference and lead to tangible conversions. Pro tip: when it comes to targeting the right audience, being more specific is better than being broad. Even though being broad may reach more people, you’re ultimately wasting your ad budget by placing a large portion of your coverage in front of the wrong eyes. That’s why it’s much better to have a clear profile of your ideal customer/client and target that as specifically as possible.

Second: Be strategic with color. We are hardwired to notice color because colors carry different associations. For example, red is urgent (and frequently used) while blue is calming. When you strategically use color in your ads and landing pages, make sure they contrast and pop. Pro tip: Go the extra mile and test different colors for your main CTA button with sample groups, then use the color that performs best!

Third: Reinforce your message with graphics. Visuals are a key aspect of marketing that allow the substance of your message to saturate unconsciously. Similar to color, graphics and special effects can also help direct attention and improve clicks. Your visual message also needs to be clear and direct (like your CTA wording) and closely tied to your overall main message. Pro Tip: One example of an effective use of graphics is using scrolling effects. They work especially well with numbers! If you are offering bundles, emphasizing statistics, or have a countdown to the end of an offer, consider using a scrolling effect for those numbers.

Fourth: Experiment with reverse psychology. One way to do this is to by using playful and humorous language while asking your audience to do the opposite of a CTA. When you do this, however, be absolutely sure you are still getting your main point across. A good example of this approach is having a CTA say: “Do NOT click if you hate savings!” It is simple, humorous, and the main message is still clear.

These psychology-rooted tips can be widely applied to your online advertising in email marketing, social media, PPC, and more — as well as on their landing pages. Feel free to use them as guidelines to run with and see what works best for your business!

Stay tuned for more digital marketing Pro Tips, tricks, and strategies from the Axel marketing experts!

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