The 3 Types of SEO And How To Use Them

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The 3 Types of SEO And How To Use Them

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial elements of online marketing.

When executed properly, it has the power to set your website, and your business, up for success the instant your site goes live.

However, SEO can also seem like an impenetrable and complex system that only the experts understand. To start, there’s more than one kind of SEO!

That’s why we’ve brought our Axel & Associates SEO experts in to break down some three SEO basics . . .

Three Types of SEO

Type # 1: Technical SEO.

This first type focuses on the mechanics of your website. Typically these are things you don’t see, like coding rather than content. These technical factors are designed to help search engines find, scan, and index (“crawl”) your website, which is how their search result rankings are made.

Examples of Technical SEO include how user-friendly your features are as well as your web speed. It also factors in how well your website works across formats and site structures, like hypertext and URL structure.

Type # 2: On-page SEO.

This kind of SEO is also related to your website. However, unlike Technical SEO, it is focused on the things that the viewer does see. The main example of On-page SEO is the original web content you post to draw visitors. This includes your individual pages, like blogs and service pages.

On-page SEO is driven by the strategic use of keywords related to your industry and services. Other strategies include using internal links within your content to other relevant pages of your website as well as maximizing metadata, which are small blurbs that search engines like Google use to summarize what a page’s content is.

Type #3: Off-page SEO.

While the first two SEO types are both made up of things that you have full control over, Off-page SEO is not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t influence it!

Simply put, Off-page SEO is what you do to improve your search rankings through anything that is not actually on your website. Basically, these are ways to boost your website exposure as well as your online branding.

The biggest example is having other sites link to your website via backlinks. This means that generating mentions and links on other websites and blogs are key to this approach. Great ways to do this are by participating in guest blogs, podcast appearances, industry OpEds, and other related submissions that are be featured elsewhere online.

The key thing is leading people back to your website, but it is also important that these third-party sites are themselves in relevant internet spheres to your business. Mentions and backlinks generated on reputable, relevant, and popular websites will be tremendously valuable Off-page SEO resources to boost your own rankings.

While these are the three main SEO types that the experts use to drive search results, there are more out there.

Stay tuned for more SEO basics, strategies, and Pro Tips from the experts at Axel and Associates!

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