Three Major Email Marketing Mistakes

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Three Major Email Marketing Mistakes

We live in a fast-paced world, especially when it comes to business. 

With this rising pace, it has become common to find all varieties of marketing mistakes at even the highest levels of the public sphere: typos in major news articles, the wrong links attached to social media posts, poorly formatted images — the list goes on. 

But that doesn’t mean these mistakes are inevitable.

Email Marketing is especially crucial to get right the first time because, unlike social media and website errors, it can’t be taken back once you hit send.

Here are more Email Marketing Pro Tips from the experts at Axel & Associates to help your business maintain best marketing practices and higher standards than the competition… and better results!

Three Email Campaign Errors To Avoid  

First: Double-check your senders.

One of the most crucial aspects of a successful email campaign is not even within the body of the email itself. 

Crafting a solid list around the specific purpose of your email blast helps set you up for success (or failure) before hitting send. Its common to assemble multiple lists for email campaigns based on various demographics or other metrics related to the strategy you may be pursuing. Unfortunately, an easy mistake to make is sending an otherwise flawless email to the wrong list. This can be especially problematic if the email is closely targeting very specific sub-segments and is then sent to the wrong group. 

It never hurts to double-check that you are sending your email blast to the correct list!  

Second: How do you sign-off?

A good chunk of even the best-written marketing emails have an impersonal sign off. Consider not signing off as a company, which can be difficult for the recipient to connect to, especially if they are new to you. Instead, sign off your emails with the name of a real person, which automatically deepens the connection.

We have seen repeatedly that emails with that extra personal touch perform much better, and have higher executions of their Calls To Action, than those that are framed as only coming from a business collectively.

It’s a good idea to use a member of your marketing or sales team. You can also go through the extra steps of including an image of them, an email or office line, and even their signature. Regardless of how far you run with it, the human element is a reliably effective one that consistently out-performs the default of a faceless entity. 

And Third: Rethink your subject line. 

Here’s a quick experiment: take a second to look at your email inbox. Scan through the many, many emails you’re hit with on any given day and consider the ones that best tempt you to open them. It’s worth considering what makes those subject lines more effective than the rest. 

What length are they? What’s their tone? Are they personalized to you (like having your name) or involve things you’re interested in? Are they flashy or gimmicky? 

All these points, of course, will vary depending on the kind of email campaign you are doing, but it is still good to keep a checklist and some general parameters of helpful points. For example: make sure your subject line is clear, relevant, and punchy. Also: make sure your subject line isn’t too long. Remember that even if it looks like a standard subject length on desktop, it might still cut off on mobile formats. A good guideline is to keep to less than 50 words!

Bonus Tip! Remember to include an option to view on online.

Always have a link to a web-based version of the email. This allows those who may have trouble with any images, videos, or graphics within the email to still be able to read it in a different format. 

Stay tuned for more email marketing Pro-Tips from the Axel and Associates email experts! 

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