The Axel SEO Tips #5: Three Easy Ways to Boost your Web Rankings

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The Axel SEO Tips #5: Three Easy Ways to Boost your Web Rankings

At Axel & Associates, we know that no amount of tips will make up for having a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game plan. 

However, we also believe that every good tip can help business and make a difference in these times.

With that said, here are three more tips to improve your SEO operation and boost your website’s web traffic and your business. . . 

Three Easy Ways to Increase SEO Ranking

Tip #1: be strategic with your keywords. Instead of blanketing your website with common keywords, all your competitors are using (including those with much bigger SEO budgets), we recommend maximizing your budget and SEO efforts strategically and with nuance. Focus more on a subgroup of keywords rather than obsessing over the big-ticket that you will likely be crowded out. Bonus tip: We also suggest using a couple of good long-tailed keywords, which are longer phrases people might search relating to your services. While these will be less common, it also means you will have less competition in reaching those hits. 

Tip #2: Maximize your product and project pages. If you have an online store, use each product page as an SEO opportunity. We also recommend doing this with previous projects your business may feature in its portfolio. Each of these can be retrofitted to include relevant SEO terms that will improve your website’s search rankings.

Tip #3: Make your pages run faster. While this might seem more like general website maintenance, this can improve your website’s Google ranking. This is because these days Google places increasing emphasis on user experience when calculating search rankings for websites. Part of the customer experience online includes how quickly pages load. On that same note, if your pages take too long to load, it can hurt your ranking SEO rankings. So it’s absolutely worth talking to your IT people to see what you can do to get your pages running faster, and then ask what other steps you can take to improve the overall user experience.

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