How to Brand Your Business During COVID-19:

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How to Brand Your Business During COVID-19:

One of the most important marketing decisions your company can make during Covid is to invest in building your brand.

This will continue to payoff long after the pandemic subsides and adds dimension to your business, making it memorable to consumers in the long run. 

Here are three tips from our marketing specialists at Axel & Associates to build your brand during the Coronavirus era. . .

3 Tips To Build Your Brand

First: Invest in establishing brand trust. These days, brand trust matters even more than low prices as people are more selective than ever over where they choose to spend their money. Also tied to trust is security, and emphasizing the quality of your products and services as well as steps your business is taking to address the virus all contribute to making your customers and clients feel secure in choosing your business. You can also consider options like including limited warranties for your products and services to further reduce any obstacles that consumers may have to going with your business and further their trust in your brand.

Second: Place an emphasis on long-term marketing campaigns rather than only speaking to the moment. While responding to the intensity of immediate short-term trends does matter, during Covid you also what to show that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… and illustrate how your brand fits into that. Bonus tip: in addition to listing local health resources that will benefit your website visitors, our specialists recommend putting out an uplifting video message that further puts a human face on your brand and shows you care. A “we’ll get through this” message is always welcomed during these times. 

Third: Make sure to target locally. Use local SEO and create various online ads targeted by geography that use different messages individually-catered to those communities. All of these will show stronger results during Covid as people continue to become more sensitive to what is happening around them during these times. 

Successfully marketing during Covid requires a mindset geared toward the long-haul. These steps from our team at Axel and Associates will offer some guidance on the best ways forward, especially when taken with our previous posts. 

Stay tuned for more free tips and tricks to market and navigate the COVID-19 business landscape!

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