How to Build Better Websites for User Engagement

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How to Build Better Websites for User Engagement

The events of 2020 showed us that the Internet has never been more crucial to the success of a business in the 21st century. This continues to be true as we transition into the post-pandemic economy and meet the new needs and expectations for digital communication and marketing.

To better position your business for online success after Covid has faded, the Axel & Associates web design experts have assembled these Pro Tips to help you build a more effective website.

Maximizing Page Scrolls

This first set of suggestions is on the importance of recording page scrolls. Only tracking page hits (the count of how many people visit a page in your website) can be a 1-dimensional analysis that gives you only so much. At the end of the day, when it comes to website performance and engagement, quality matters. To analyze and strategize with better data, using page scrolls can be much more helpful.

One of the important things you can learn from measuring how far visitors scroll on a page or article if they’re seeing your Calls To Action (CTAs). This can then be matched up with t lol he recorded clicks of people taking the CTA alongside those who saw it, offering even more useful and in-depth conversion rate. For example, you can determine which CTA is getting the best response and how to replicate that winning approach elsewhere on your site.

Most people who do measure scroll depth at all only measure at the increments of 90% or 100%, meaning people who essentially get to the end of the page. These can be set as a custom metric on Google Analytics.

While that’s better than not measuring so all, at your digital marketing agency, we recommend measuring scroll depth with more nuance by using several intervals. Specifically, we recommend 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% or 100%. In short, it tells more of the story and tells a more useful story for us to work with.

Stay tuned for more web building Pro-Tips from the Axel and Associates web design experts!

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