How to Build a Better Website for User Engagement: Part 2

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How to Build a Better Website for User Engagement: Part 2

The virtual world matters, and never more than it does right now as we emerge from a global pandemic that made digital operations the norm in every industry. There are basic ways you can harness and maximize information on your website to benefit your business.

In our last piece we shared some nuanced Pro Tips on how to use page scrolls to maximize your gains through your website.

To build on them, the Axel & Associates website designers and developers are back with another set of web design tricks and strategies.

Here are more web building tips to revamp your site and get the most from your web traffic . . .

First: Rethink your forms.

If your website has forms on it that you ask your visitors to fill, for example, to join your mailing list or a membership discount/referral program, it’s worth taking another look at. The forms used on most websites are built off templates that are only meant to be functional. However, in the post-COVID era where the Internet dominates all commerce, functional won’t cut it anymore.

That why it’s essential to look at all of your e-forms and make them as short and understandable as possible. That means keeping required fields a low as you can — to an absolute minimum (no more than 4). Visitors should be able to complete your form quickly and with minimal frustration or inconvenience. All of this improves the ease and user experience as well as the likelihood of completion, which boosts overall signups.

Then: Rethink your SEO.

Now your website has been re-wired to maximize your ability to record useful visitor traffic through page scrolls. You also have improved the user experience for this traffic with simplified web forms. It’s now time to welcome waves of new visitors and clientele.

Coming out of an unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now never been more important to analyze and rethink your business’s search results. To do this, your SEO strategies will also need to be revamped. The basic approach to focus narrowly on your industry as well as your company. These are absolutely crucial, but we recommend that you don’t stop there.

To grow your audience, look at using brand-driven search query SEO strategies. That means you should also factor in the names of your products and services, key figures in your business (like your president or CEO), slogans, and other related topics that directly connect to your business. While they may not seem obvious at first they are significant and can all seamlessly lead back to your company website, which will grow your long-term web traffic in a steady way.

Stay tuned for more web building Pro-Tips from the Axel and Associates web design experts!

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