Local SEO Tips for Post-COVID Growth in 2021

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Local SEO Tips for Post-COVID Growth in 2021

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent discipline to work into all online operations of your business. 

This has never been more important than during this transition out of the COVID-19 economy. 

During the Coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines, local business became a major focus as consumers looked to support brands that they connected with. This will continue to have an effect on consumer behavior as we emerge from COVID, and local SEO will be an excellent tool to address it. 

A major benefit of all SEO is that it has long-term benefits that allow searchers to find your content long after you’ve posted it. This means your business can lay the seeds now for a strong post-pandemic foundation that will outperform your competitors locally and regionally with the right SEO tactics. 

That’s why the Axel & Associates SEO experts are back with more Pro Tips and Tricks to give your business an SEO edge through the rest of 2021 and beyond. . . 

Pro Tip #1: Update your Greatest Hits. 

An easy way to boost your local SEO is to build off your strengths. In this case, we recommend looking back at your already-posted original website content and see which have performed the best — your “greatest hits.” Then edit those to include location-specific mentions to your local area wherever relevant. That could mean city and street names or your address, or even nearby landmarks that can help people find you 

You can also update your existing content, especially your highest performing content, to mention Covid and post-Covid material to tie in to searches on those subjects. This ensures concerned consumers can more easily find your relevant content and see how your business has adapted to their needs in ways other businesses may not have. 

Pro Tip #2: Maximize GMB. 

Last time we discussed setting up a Google My Business account. While this is very helpful, most businesses just stop there. We recommend going a step further to stand out and build your gains. In other words: don’t just be easier to find, be responsive and engaging. 

That’s why it’s also important to actively post on your Google My Business profile, which helps your local SEO rankings compared to those businesses that do not post, and especially over those that don’t have a Google My Business account at all. 

Pro Tip #3: Expand to other local listings. 

While you’re expanding your local SEO footprint and digital web, don’t stop at Google My Business. Be sure to also make sure your business is present on other popular business directories online. Two of the biggest are Yelp! and YellowPages, but there are several out there worth joining. 

All of this will help your SEO and ensure that you are finding and attracting as many customers out there and as efficiently as possible just by showing up at the right places. That’s the long-term magic of SEO!

Stay tuned for more Covid transition-themed SEO Pro-Tips from the Axel and Associates Search Engine Experts! 

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