3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

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3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Two decades into the 21st century and almost everyone now has an email account, or three.

This has helped make email marketing one of the most effective forms of online marketing when used correctly.

Unfortunately, even when the targeting is perfect, the content is strong, and there is a compelling offer in the email, an email blast can still fail for simple and totally avoidable mistakes.

To prevent this, our email marketing experts at Axel & Associates have put together a series of solid quality control tips to catch these avoidable mistakes.

 Here are our first three Pro Tips keep your emails up to par and avoid cutting into your gains. . .

Three Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake # 1: Typos.

Autocorrect software is everywhere these days, but they are also infamously unreliable. Most of them not only miss common grammatical errors, but they also often replace errors with the wrong word. Because of this and the rush-release nature of a lot of modern marketing, it has become more common to find several grammatical mistakes in email blasts — sometimes even in the subject line.

These mistakes matter for several reasons. For one thing, it hurts the credibility of your brand and suggests you do not have a robust process for quality control. By association, this also reflects poorly on the product or service you are promoting through your email campaign.

It’s always a good idea to have a simple process in place for proofreading all your mass emails and email blasts before they go out and not just relying on autocorrect and spelling check technology. Your best bet is to bring in a coworker to review your content. That doesn’t mean you should ignore technology though. We recommend also pasting your content in multiple files (email, Word documents, Google Docs, and so on) to take advantage of the differences in their grammar tools. This increases the odds of at last one of them catching any subtle errors.

Most email blasts have links in their content to direct the recipient to one or several Calls To Action (CTA). One easy mistake to make is to forget to add the appropriate link to the CTA, or to put the link in the wrong place.

Another common mistake in email marketing relating to links is to include broken links that don’t work, or links that lead to the wrong landing page.

Regardless, all of these examples underscore the need to pay close attention that all you links are present, in the right place, and go where they should. As with grammatical errors, we recommend bringing in a fresh set of eyes from your team to scan for this each time before the email goes out.

Mistake #3: Sharing buttons.

Similar to broken links, another common error to look out for is broken sharing buttons. Sharing buttons are different from email forwarding. For example: If your email blasts are set up to allow sharing to social media — which we recommend — it is easy to have all sorts of glitches spring up. Sometimes glitches will only affect a single social media outlets, so it is worth double-checking each function before the email goes out.

Bonus tip: if you don’t have social media sharing buttons set up for your email blasts and newsletters, we recommend starting by including at least Facebook and LinkedIn. Depending on your industry, those will likely be the most helpful places to make your email content shareable. 

Stay tuned for more email marketing Pro-Tips from the Axel and Associates email experts!

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