COVID-19 Marketing Ideas

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COVID-19 Marketing Ideas

It can be challenging for businesses of all sizes to keep thinking of fresh ways to marketing during this pandemic.

This is especially true is you don’t have a marketing team, or a small one that has its hands tied.

Here are some free Pro Tips, Tricks, and Ideas from Axel & Associates for how your business can market itself during the remainder of the Coronavirus pandemic. . .

Three Ideas to Market During the Pandemic:

First: Promote care package offerings. Care packages have become a popular way for people to connect with family and friends remotely. Find ways to package your products and services in way that ties into this.

  • Bonus Tip: add in a reduced price, reduced shipping, and also offer rewards for their opinions once they’ve completed their order. An end-of-purchase survey on their purchasing experience is a great way to learn more about how they found you and other useful data. As an incentive to get customers to complete it as well as return, add in a discount on their next order!

Second: Invest in affordable online ads. During Covid, online ads have been seeing a consistently higher Return On Investment, especially with Facebook ads and Pay Per Click (PPC/AdWords ads). A big factor driving this is the simple fact that many more people are online than pre-Covid, and this will likely hold true well into 2022. Many are also becoming cheaper as an added incentive to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to buy ads and promote themselves.

Third: Make special offers to re-engage existing or former customers and bring in new ones. These work best when they’re tied to a limited about of time and have their own dedicated landing page crafted to selling that particular offer. You can apply aspects from the first and second tips into helping these special offers work better, such as supporting them with Facebook ads and end-of-purchase surveys to double or triple-dip in their effectiveness and helpfulness to your business.

Ultimately, all of this helps reduce as many boundaries and obstacles as possible to converting visitors into customers.

Stay tuned for more free tips and marketing strategies for COVID from the digital marketing experts at Axel and Associates!

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