How to Boost the Quality of your Email Marketing

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How to Boost the Quality of your Email Marketing

Regardless of how well written-and composed your emails are, there are always options available to take them to the next level. 

Our email marketing experts at Axel & Associates are back with more free Pro Tips and Tricks! 

Three Steps to improve your Email Campaigns: 

Step #1: Start by removing stale subscribers from your email list. Look for anyone who hasn’t engaged with your emails or acted on your Calls To Action after about five or six months, depending on the length of your campaign. 

You should then give them one more chance to re-engage with a direct and eye-catching final email. That email should ask if they wish to be removed front the email list. For this who meet this criteria but don’t actively respond to stay in your list should be removed after a week. This step helps tremendously in keeping your email list quality high. 

  • Bonus Tip: Another option is to periodically survey your list about updating their preferences 

Step #2: Keep things simple, but introduce simple disruptions to make Action steps more memorable for them. Having the email be even moderately more noticeable or memorable increases the chances of it being opened and acted upon. A good way to do this is to make a one-step process a two-step process instead. 

For example: email subjects should say something like “2 Step Process to…”  and have them click or confirm before/after their main, simplified action button process 

Remember: Your Call To Actions and sign-up/subscription process, still need to be as simple as possible and have as few steps as possible (such as a two-step process). Also be very clear with each step, clearly explain what they need to do for each, and what will happen next. This is also helped is visuals such as buttons, arrows, and graphics. 

Step #3: Show exclusivity. This is a consistently effective way to build excitement in a product or service, such as advertising limited slots.

  • Bonus Tip #2: When you are out of availabilities, say so on your website/landing page – and make sure to give visitors the option to sign up, receive availability alerts, and learn more. 

Stay tuned for more free strategies from our marketing specialists at Axel and Associates!

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