COVID-19 Marketing Rules to Remember

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COVID19 Marketing Tips

COVID-19 Marketing Rules to Remember

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the business landscape in an enduring way.

That’s why the lessons, adjustments, and strategic investments we make during this time will continue to serve us for the long haul. 

To help with that process, here are more free expert Covid Marketing Tips from Axel & Associates to help your business successfully navigate the reminder of the Coronavirus pandemic. . . 

Three Quick Covid-19 Marketing Tips For Your Business

Rule #1: Support and partner with well-known existing local brands. This not only shows your business is committed to supporting the local community, but will also help you network for the sake of your own brand. This is especially helpful in cases where your business may be comparatively new and you’re partnering with a well-established business that has been around for decades. Plus, community engagement has never resonated more than it has from the start of the Covid lockdowns.

Rule #2: Be generous with free trial offerings. This is a particularly effective way to generate interest and reach new customers during Covid, even more than introductory discounts. Free trials are perfect for offering value to new leads and establishing trust with them. We have seen repeatedly the importance of trust in how people spend their money during the pandemic, and this will show them exactly how effective your business is.

Rule #3: Keep investing in your online operations. The trend towards e-commerce platforms and online advertising is certainly not going away. It’s best to double down even as vaccinations are becoming more available and restrictions gradually begin to loosen.

  • Bonus tip: make sure you’re optimized for mobile! Always troubleshoot website and platform tweets on your phone and tablet to make sure they look and function well.

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