Easy Internet Marketing Pro Tips

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Easy Internet Marketing Pro Tips

Internet Marketing can be an exhaustive and overwhelming process.

This is especially true of small and mid-sized businesses that often direct their teams to prioritize the day-to-day of running a business.

While that’s understandable, there are still basic and simple steps your business can take today to improve its online marketing presence that will pay off long term.

Here are a few Internet Marketing Pro Tips from the experts at Axel & Associates…

Three Easy Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks

Pro Tip #1:

  • Add alternative text to your images. All your web content should have images and graphics, so this is a good discipline to get into. It is also a great opportunity to incorporate important (and relevant) keywords for your industry with each page and post on your website. This will also help improve your website’s SEO rankings!

Pro Tip #2:

  • Look up special days of the month. In the last day of a month, you should set aside some time to research the holidays, national days, and awareness days for each coming month. Then look for ways to incorporate the most important of these into your messaging, especially if they have a tie-in to your industry. These are great to hashtag on social media and to mention on blog posts and newsletters!

Pro Tip #3:

  • Be active on your Google My Business (GMB) account. While it’s great to take advantage of this free resource, we also work with our clients to maximize it by keeping active. This can include posting about new offerings or other relevant updates for your business. These updates could appeal to key consumer groups like seniors or students. On a more basic level, however, it also shows activity, which is key in the COVID-19 era because so many businesses ceased activities without updating their profiles online. This makes it clear your are still open and ready to take on new business!

Of course, these won’t substitute having marketing specialists work their magic to generate new income levels and streams, but it will help lay a stronger foundation for your brand to build on overtime.

Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Pro Tips, tricks, and strategies from the specialists at Axel and Associates!

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