3 Ways To Build Brand Credibility Online

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3 Ways to Build Brand Credibility Online

3 Ways To Build Brand Credibility Online

The internet has become an increasingly essential part of communicating in the 21st century for all businesses, and this has never been more true than in the age of COVID-19. Unfortunately, some things don’t come across as easily online as they might when communicating in person. As more and more businesses transition into online operations, the nuances of how you communicate and market online can make-or-break your success. One of the most central components to building your clientele is for visitors to develop trust in your company and brand online. The good news is we have been in the business of helping companies of all sizes do just that for over 25 years and are here to offer some reliable tips and strategies to help your business establish trust and credibility online. . .

First, engage your audience. Use your brand’s social media marketing and email accounts to be an accessible avenue of communication. Remember: all communication reflects on your brand. Respond in a timely manner, answer their questions, and reply to online reviews – especially negative ones – in a positive, professional, and informative way that signals a constant willingness to listen and improve. This not only helps convert those on the fence of hiring your firm’s services but also works to neutralizes any previous negative feedback.

Spotlight your assets and background. Find opportunities to showcase your team’s expertise and share their views and experiences. This also has the benefit of building personality for your brand and giving it a human touch beyond a name and logo – all of which helps you stand out from the pack. Other good ideas: highlight previous reviews, press, specific case studies (especially with any high-profile clients or partners), and any other relevant and noteworthy proof of your company’s collective expertise. Look through the archives and embrace social media trends like “Flashback Fridays” while looking back to show what makes your brand uniquely qualified in your field. Bonus tip: always include images when possible!

Regularly give value to your audience. Offer useful freebees that reinforce the fact that you know your field. Don’t be afraid of offering free advice: it might be exactly what leads people to you. Plus, while you have their attention and manage to give them something of value, you have already increased the trustworthiness and legitimacy of your brand in their eyes – and the likelihood of a business relationship, including through recommendations. This could also be done through utilizing our other tips of directly engaging with your audience and using it as a chance to spotlight individual members of your team. Bonus tip: create newsworthy reports and studies relevant to your field. Doing this regularly is another steady stream of value-added free advice you’re providing to show your expertise and build trust in your brand.

These strategies will get you thinking in the right direction and build the habits that will get you seen in the right light, create pipelines down the road, and grow trust in your brand online. You can do these on social media as well as directly on your website and through blogs.

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