How To Improve Your Website’s SEO Rankings With Link Building Basics

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How To Improve Your Website’s SEO Rankings With Link Building Basics

Link building is a key element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, link building is any time another website links back to yours.

Oftentimes this is part of a coordinated marketing strategy to get a website mentioned (and linked) in strategic places, however, there are ways to encourage link building organically. This is basically the SEO Holy Grail!

Here are some pro tips from the Axel SEO experts to improve your website’s link-building potential!

SEO Link Building Basics

Pro Tip #1: Quality matters. While this is true of most marketing, it’s especially true with SEO and building links. One reason why is because Google can punish you for using low-quality links, such as those from sketchy websites that users would not spend much time on. Instead, make sure whenever possible you are getting your site linked to other websites relevant to your business, industry, audience. So remember: when it comes to building your online presence with links, quality over quantity is the golden rule!

Pro Tip 2: Produce great content. Good content will inherently bring more people to your website over time. It will also increase the number of other websites linking to your content. There are several ways to improve your website content to maintain high standards, but some good guidelines are to make sure your content is unique or nuanced in some way and also helpful to the reader. You can also offer multiple forms of original content, such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts. As long as they are nuanced, helpful, and interesting your audience will have a reason to stay tuned – and share them!

Pro Tip # 3: Network. While online marketing can do a lot to expand your visibility, there’s still value in networking to build new relationships. Look for figures and websites to develop a relationship with that already regularly post links to other pages and also have an existing following. A great place to start looking to reach out and build relationships are industry blogs and podcasts. You can also reach out to industry-specific journalists. critics, and social media influencers. Your initial outreach can be about specific new services, features, or products that your business is rolling out and would them to review. You can also get the ball rolling by mentioning them in your content first! Reciprocity can be another effective foot in the door.

Stay tuned for more SEO, marketing, branding, and website building pro tips and tricks to give your business an edge over the competition!

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