Strategies To Boost Your SEO

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Strategies To Boost Your SEO

SEO is a dynamic field that is both a science and an art. It’s also a bit like a language.

It takes time to learn and to master, but once you are fluent, it teaches you a potent new way to see the online world.

To help you navigate the world of SEO more effectively, our Axel SEO experts are back with more pro tips, tricks, and strategies to give your business an edge online!

Simple SEO Strategies To Supercharge Your Website

First: Patience drives results. Remember that all SEO is competitive, so patience is key in success. We recommend treating the SEO process like planting seeds and paving roads that all lead back to your website, and therefore your business. Every SEO trick, tool, and campaign you use needs to keep this in mind. If you expect dramatic and instant results, you can end up getting frustrated and pulling the plug on a great SEO plan that could bring huge gains for your business long-term.

Second: Look into Link Building. Link building is basically the process of having other (high quality) websites linking back to your site. It is tricky work that needs to be approached like any marketing campaign, and it can yield excellent returns from even one well-places link. Treating it like a marketing campaign means setting proper expectations and understanding of how link building works. As we discussed in the first tip, link building takes time to fully take effect and see the full results of your digital gains. Also, remember that link building is a key part of the SEO plan, but not the whole pie. Other SEO and online marketing can’t be neglected just because you’ve developed a great method for getting links on other sites! SEO works best when multiple components feed each other.

Third: Get specific. When you lay out the keywords you want to rank for, it can be tempting to go for the most popular word combinations in your industry. That approach can have your business drop a lot of money and see marginal gains, if any. Remember what we said at the start of our first tip: SEO is competitive. A much smarter approach is to pick very specific (and preferably unique) keywords. The more specific they are, the less competitive they are likely to be — and the less you’ll have to pay for them! Another approach to use long tail keywords are phrases that are usually three words or more that people might type into a search engine like Google. The longer they are, the more specific they will be. That means your SEO will have a huge edge with a smaller group of people search these more detailed phrases, which also improves the chances of these being relevant searches to your business that you can convert into customers and clients!

Stay tuned for more Axel SEO tips, tricks, and ideas to give your business an edge over the competition!

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