How To Make A Great Call To Action

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How To Make A Great Call To Action

Whether its for email marketing or PPC landing pages, having a strong Call To Action (CTA) is crucial to the success of your online marketing campaign.

To help you pick the most effective CTA, our digital marketing experts are here to offer this key guidelines…

Pro Tips For The Perfect Call-To-Action

First: Be very clear, concise, and direct. Everyone is bombarded by text and media these days, so it is important to communicate your main point quickly and state what action item you need from them. Images can also be helpful in clearly communicating the main message both through representation and some text!

Second: Show how they will benefit. One easy way to add value is by offering something free to tie-in with your CTA, such as a substantial introductory discount, free product, or downloadable content such as free guides. Whatever it is that your audience stands to gain, be sure to communicate that early on.

Third: Use emotion. One great way to do this is by highlighting their benefits and savings with enthusiasm. Another is to infuse a sense of urgency by mentioning limited quantities or a deadline — this is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Just be sure not to go over-board with exclamation points, all-caps, and bold text or you will risk sounding like lower-tier businesses.

Fourth: Use the right CTA for your campaign. Here are the basic kinds of CTAs that are best for most situations…

— “Sign up” : For events, online products and courses.

— “Subscribe” : For newsletters, blogs, and company updates.

— “Learn More / Find out how…” : Ideal for offering additional information that may lead to a sale.

— “Join” : For online communities and other interactive online features.

— “Buy/Order/Shop” : For shops and e-commerce sites.

— “Try for Free” : For demos and free trials.

Feel free to put your own spin on them!

Lastly here are a couple Bonus Tips: Make sure to 1) troubleshoot the sign-up links and other features to ensure they all work before they go live and 2) have all your CTAs be mobile optimized to work across cell phones and tablets as well as traditional desktops.

These guidelines will have you thinking in the best ways to craft the most effective and efficient Calls To Action to clinch your digital marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned for more Axel Digital Marketing, Branding, and Communications pro tips, tricks, and strategies to make your business stand out from the pack!

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