How To Run A Popular Blog

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How To Run A Popular Blog

Blogs are a fantastic, easy, and free tool that any business can take advantage of. 

A well-managed blog will help your business’s SEO efforts as well as help you address your customer’s questions about your business and industry.

They can also help your sales and marketing teams in passing along topic-specific blog postings to potential customers that have questions related to that topic — and build your email lists along the way!

That doesn’t mean that all blogs are going to generate interest or even be worth investing time into.

To help your company build the best blog possible, the online marketing experts at Axel & Associates are here to offer some solid blog-building Pro Tips!

5 Ideas On How To Manage A Successful Blog

Idea #1: Do Guest Posts. These are a great way to bring in different viewpoints and keep things fresh. They also show the reach of your network in your industry. To maximize this idea, we recommend that your guests are figures who are established and hold credibility in your field.

Idea #2: Share success stories. Success stories are not only upbeat but also serve to make your business services real with concrete details in a way that ads often don’t. 

Idea #3: Share Tools and resources. If your website has a list of tools and resources that can help visitors troubleshoot issues, or just make things easier, that will give your blog a significant (and practical) edge over your competitors. While tools and resources should ideally link to your own website, they don’t have to. You can also link to other free resources like leading popular industry websites and government sites as well. All of this also helps build your own brand authority as well as improve your SEO by connecting to higher-traffic pages. 

Idea #4: Give personal insights. These are great opportunities to show your experience and give your unique takes on specific situations. It can also help to humanize your brand by infusing personality into a blog post, such as with humor or unexpected nuances.

Idea #5: Use original data. It is always a good idea to conduct market research for your industry and publish the results alongside your analysis of the data. Because not every business conducts its own original research or publishes its data, this action immediately positions your business as an industry leader with a high degree of legitimacy. 

Stay tuned for more successful blog Pro Tips from Axel and Associates!

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