How to Think About Post-COVID Marketing

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How to Think About Post-COVID Marketing

Having navigated the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now time to brush up our post-COVID game plan. 

Here are some helpful tips and strategies from the Axel & Associates marketing team to help your business formulate your best steps ahead. . . 

First: Look at the customers you have retained and added on throughout the Covid crisis. This is an important starting point for your team to assess. What does this data say about your most reliable base(s)? And where have you lost the most? There is a lot of valuable information to analyze and incorporate into future marketing strategies.

Second: Continue to offer robust digital services and options. While we may be seeing the light at the end of the Covid tunnel, the internet is not going away. This is especially true since people now see just how much they can actually do virtually. Don’t plan to ditch your online offerings. 

Here’s a Bonus Tip: look into keeping or bringing in these innovative strategies to help your post-Covid transition and for long-term efficiency . . .

  • Look into a Customer Relationship Management software system 
  • Continue to use and support the new work-from-home norms that have emerged. This will not only benefit your own employees, but also your clients. Consider how you can facilitate their activities and make their lives easier with your online services to make this transition and seamless as possible. Try phased-in approaches with different employees comin in on different days while keeping a work-from-home team available for customers who still prefer contactless services.

Third and most importantly: Be sensitive to the realities of a rocky readjustment. While it may be tempting to blast out an optimism-centered campaign on how things are returning to normal and the economy is growing, it’s important to remember that a sizable part of the population doesn’t resonate with that. There remains a strong sense of unease and uncertainty about how smoothly this transition out of the lockdown lifestyle will look like. 

It’s important that your messaging is conscious of this and speaks to these people by offering them a sense of security and confidence in your brand amidst an uncertain time.

Stay tuned for more Covid transition-themes business and marketing tips from the experts and specialists at Axel and Associates! 

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