How To Use SEO To Get Ahead After COVID

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How To Use SEO To Get Ahead After COVID

Now is the time to be steering your business toward the Post-Pandemic economy. Positioning yourself now for the trends that will emerge when COVID-19 fades will strongly place you to outperform your competitors that are only thinking of the day-to-day. 

A key way to do this is by maximizing Search Engine Optimization strategies so your company can sweep the rewards of coming in early to the business landscape after the transition.

Here are some solid Pro Tips from the marketing and SEO experts at Axel & Associates to help your business ride the Post-COVID wave to growth. . . 

Tip #1: Go Local. 

Many customers are still restrained to their local communities. Local-oriented SEO strategies will help your business reach those near you and in your surrounding areas. Framing your SEO towards a more local or regional customer base will make it more relevant to them than impersonal nationwide SEO and marketing efforts.  

  • Google My Business is an excellent and free resource to better reach local customers 
  • Utilize your “About Us” page to reference local areas, such as where your business is located or where it got its start
  • Use and reference local news in your original content.

Tip #2: Think Covid in your key terms.

As a practice, SEO should be designed to be long-term. While online trends do matter, it’s important to think beyond them right now and plan for the post-Covid world with your SEO. Make Covid-related framed from the perspective of transitioning to growth and signal optimism while also showing you still have options for those who prefer to use virtual/low-contact services. 

When making content related to Covid, such as your existing pandemic-conscious services, remember to use Covid-related keywords and terms. Also, try to get more nuanced and consider ways that staying at home impacts what they do and target that. For example, consider how working from home affects neck and pain and how walks around the neighborhood and grocery runs have become escapes. Acknowledge points like these in a relevant way to your business’s services and find keywords and terms in those areas of overlap, then work them into the blog and social media content.

Tip #3: Keep the content coming. 

Keep producing steady, substantive, and in-depth content. This content should be related to your industry and the things that your target demographics would be searching or interested in. Don’t be afraid to break new ground in discussing things that others in your field are not, such as unexpected ways that the pandemic changed or disrupted your field. What are the new perspectives that this has brought? What are the new priorities?

Use this as an opportunity to show how your business has been solution-oriented and adaptable — and ready for the post-covid world better and stronger than before. 

Stay tuned for more Covid transition-themed marketing Pro-Tips from the Axel and Associates SEO experts

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