How to Market Your Business During COVID-19:

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How to Market Your Business During COVID-19:

Covid has unfortunately proven to have a lingering impact and staying power in our daily lives.

It is also continuing to impact how we do business, and how we market our businesses. This has made online marketing and operations more crucial than ever before.

Here are three tips and tricks to market your business during COVID-19 . . .

Three Easy Marketing Tips and Tricks During COVID

First, communicate that you care and how you’ve adapted to the times. To help reduce any obstacles to generating locally-based interest in your business, we strongly recommend including on your website (as well as social media) any and all steps you have taken to be COVID safe so that they are seen quickly as people search you. Also, don’t be afraid to include free business resources such as information to local health services or federal health information outlets like the CDC.

Next, discuss the relevance of your product or service to Covid. This might take some creative thinking if it’s not immediately apparent. Here are some questions that might help you and your team determine helpful responses: Does your business in any way help keep people safe? Does it keep people entertained while people are at home? Even just explaining how it can make people’s lives easier as one less thing to stress about these days can still be a helpful and effective message.

Finally, consider creating special landing pages around any special offers, services, or reduced rates you’re offering in these times – and directly tie them to Covid. These landing pages can also allow you collect helpful information on consumer activity that will help you craft future marketing activities. One way to do this is through inserting an email sign up option and, of course, collecting cookies.

These steps will help your business be noticed more quickly with searches related to your industry in relation to Covid and will also help humanize your brand as being proactive in this time as opposed to pretending nothing is happening in the world. People are responding much more to humanizing efforts and reality-checks overall. It gets attention and conveys that your serious and trustworthy.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and strategies on how to market your brand effectively during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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