New SEO Strategies

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New SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization has long been a complex field to understand.

Mastering it takes a certain balance of strong technological skill as well as a developed intuition for what is going to be weighed more heavily in algorithms.

Ultimately, the most important rules in the game are those set by the biggest SEO kingmaker: Google.

Here are some new Search Engine Optimization Pro Tips and Strategies from our SEO experts at Axel & Associates. . .

New Ways to Approach SEO

  • First and foremost: Go beyond keywords.

Google’s algorithms change frequently, though some changes are more substantial. A significant recent change is Google’s attempts to look beyond the specific wording of searches and instead trying to get to the essence – the intent – behind the searches. To do this, they are increasingly using clusters and groupings to organize information and increase the odds of hitting what you’re looking for.

Notice that when we search for things these days we often hit blurbs, info boxes, knowledge panels, and a slew of related searches filed right at the top under “people also searched” instead of merely buried at the bottom of the first page of results.

This new information grouping requires a new SEO approach to go with it. Think of the big picture and broader trends – what are the other things relating to specific searches that people might also be searching? Which of those can lead them to your site? This greater context is going to become much more important going forward in the SEO world.

To tap into that, consider what the core topics are relating to specific searches as well as what the demographics are of the searchers. Not everyone that searches for a particular phrase or keyword will be looking for the same thing, so it’s important to know which sub-group is most relevant to you and your business. That way, you can spend your SEO Marketing funds most effective!

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