Post-COVID Marketing Tips and Lessons

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Post-COVID Marketing Tips and Lessons

The economy continues to snap and hum back to life, albeit it unevenly.

As businesses resume in-person services, it’s clear there are many complex takeaways from the impact of the global pandemic that will last decades, or more.

Our Digital Marketing Specialists at Axel & Associates are back to help break it all down and offer your business some key lessons to improve based on what we all experienced with COVID-19…

  • First: The new post-COVID business climate will require an adjusted and adaptable approach to marketing. In the past, corporate marketing and promotion was much more bureaucratic with a prolonged process of marketers pitching ideas to executives for approval and often making several revisions before a campaign went live. During the pandemic business had to adapt quickly to a rapidly evolving landscape, making this traditional approach a deadweight in a relay race. The new post-COVID approach requires companies to regularly keep tabs on the pulse of their audience and adapt continuously to changes in sentiment on a rolling basis. To do this and drive more rapid responses, marketers are given much more latitude on the actions they can take to represent their brand and seize opportunities.
  • Second: Another long-term, post-pandemic lesson is that Personalization beats one-size-fits-all every time. Before COVID, personalization was a nice feature to have on a website. During the pandemic many businesses adopted personalization features to keep up with stiff competition as all operations went virtual. As a result, that has become the new standard to reach for everything from online marketing ads to E-store platforms.
  • Third (and most importantly): Existing relationships were crucial to helping businesses survive when everything froze and went digital — and they will remain so. At the end of the day, we learned that no investment is as important as the personal touch. Getting to know your clients and customers, and letting them get to know you, puts a human face on your business and always pays off in spades.

Stay tuned for more after-COVID business and marketing strategies from the Axel and Associates Marketing and PR experts!

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