PPC Pro Tips For Better Ads

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PPC Pro Tips For Better Ads

PPC, or Pay Per Click, may not be as talked about as SEO, social media ads, or other forms of online marketing, but it can make a dramatic difference for your business.

To help your business capitalize on the benefits of Pay Per Click ads on Google and other top search engines, our Axel PPC experts are back with more pro tips…

Pay Per Click Pro Tips and Tricks

Pro Tip #1: Optimize for everything. As you craft your ad campaign, make sure your ad and landing page mobile optimized. Check to see how your ad looks not only on phones and laptops, but also on tablets. Pay special attention to the size and orientation of the text, the formatting of the images, and that the links — especially the Call To Action (CTA) links — are easy to press and lead to where they should.

Pro Tip 2: Check your speed. While it’s not something many think about while making their ads, it’s important to make sure your pages have fast loading times. This is because even if you have a well-planned ad that attracts a high-volume of traffic to a landing page that is perfectly-suited to its audience, it may still fall flat if the landing page loads slowly. Most will simply lose interest and leave rather than wait for the page to finish loading. So be sure your landing pages are calibrated and designed to handle traffic and load quickly. Another benefit to fast loading times on your website is that it also helps your SEO!

Pro Tip #3: Test for effectiveness. In addition to being mobile optimized and having quick loading times, it’s also important to make sure your marketing copy is as effective as possible. A great way to do that is to try doing two small-scale sample ads before launching a larger campaign. This will help you to see which of two versions of landing pages gets better response, then you can use that to model for your larger campaign. In online marketing, this is called A/B Testing and it helps ensure your PPC ad is as well calibrated as possible — across functionality and copy — to succeed.

Stay tuned for more Axel PPC and online marketing pro tips and plans to give your business an edge over the competition!

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