The Benefits Of A Brand-Based Community

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The Benefits Of A Brand-Based Community

Having a strong, well-established, and easily recognizable brand immediately puts your business at an advantage over your competitors.

Most businesses invest in building their brands through some form of traditional marketing campaigns. Depending on the exact goal, these are typically designed to raise awareness and confidence in your brand.

While this is certainly necessary to some extent, there are also other options for significantly developing your brand in tandem with these traditional approaches.

The Axel & Associates branding and marketing experts are here to share the benefits of organically building your brand by creating a community around it!

3 Reasons Why You Should Build A Brand Community

First: Free Feedback.

Building a community of people connected to your brand lets you get real feedback in an organic and efficient way. This is especially helpful when assessing how to improve your existing services, or develop new ones. With a community in place, your business can share surveys, samples, and even set up focus group testing. When used purposefully, these will paint a detailed picture of what is the most helpful way forward in improving your brand and growing its audience into an even bigger community.

Second: Quick Updates.

On a practical level, having a community in place allows you to inform its members with updates from your business in an easy and efficient way. Of course, these updates should be relevant to them and important enough to warrant sharing, otherwise you risk damaging your community by having them see your updates as spam. Important updates can include any changes in services (like holiday hours), new products or services being rolled out, and any special offers. You can also share occasional updates that humanize your brand, such as welcoming a new member of your team, which helps connect human faces to your business or organization.

Third: Provide Support.

A major component of how well your brand and business is seen includes how responsive you are to issues that come up. This is quickly made clear in public online reviews, as well as if — and how — the business responds to problems raised. Having a community established around your brand allows the members of that community to make your business aware of any issues that are present with your business. These can be technical, customer service-related, or directly related to your core services.

If a community is appropriately fostered and facilitated by your business, its members should have avenues to raise these kinds of issues as well as feel comfortable doing so. Of course, it’s important to remember that if several members of your community are raising flags, it’s likely that they are major issues that others are experiencing as well (or can experience in the future). This is a great way to get ahead of a problem and show that your business is dedicated to its clients, customers, and extended audience. Seeing this kind of dedicated responsiveness will also greatly improve your brand loyalty as well as referrals down the line.

Stay tuned for tips from the Axel branding specialists on specific ways to build a thriving community around your brand!

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