The Biggest Business Newsletter Mistakes To Avoid

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The Biggest Business Newsletter Mistakes To Avoid

Like blogs, newsletters keep your audience engaged, improve your website SEO with backlinks, and strengthen your brand authority.

However, these benefits are often canceled out by poor execution.

After sharing some ways to prevent these shortfalls, our Axel & Associates content experts are back with more pro tips…

Ways To Improve Your Newsletter

Step 1: Don’t overload content.

Most of us lead busy lives, and nobody wants to waste their time. That’s why when we open a newsletter email and see a long stream of dense paragraphs to scroll through, we immediately go back to our inbox. With that in mind, stick to three important points if you’re including details into a paragraph and about five if they’re more brief. One more thing: don’t forget to always break up your text with images, video, and other media to keep the reader visually engaged!

Step 2: Avoid too many links.

Links are an important, even essential, component to any newsletter. As we discussed in the first step, space on a newsletter is at a premium and everything you include is fighting it’s through a narrow attention span and likely a busy schedule. Links allow you to mention a bite-sized tidbit and then link to a more detailed page on your website, which also helps your SEO. That said, it’s annoying to read through a newsletter that has every third sentence include a hyperlink. Inevitably, someone will accidentally hit a link on a touchscreen device and then get frustrated when it takes them to a page they didn’t want to visit. These sort of things will give readers a negative association with your newsletter and make them less likely to open them in the future. As with your overall content, your best bet is to quality control your link choices and only use a few (meaningful) links in each newsletter that are specially chosen for specific purposes that fit with the theme of that email.

Step 3: Don’t be too salesy.

All newsletters should be mostly informational, interesting, and relevant to the reader. They are, after all, choosing to subscribe to it and have certainly expectations of what they will receive. No one wants to read a newsletter to be bombarded with sales pitches every time. However, there are times when it is appropriate, depending on the industry and time of year. If sales offers are present, it should be done professionally and with a light touch. Above all: all sales offers must be relevant to recipients and the theme of the newsletter.

These tips and tricks will make your newsletter more professional, engaging and effective. The more you stick with them over time, the more you will see consistent results!

Stay tuned for more newsletter tips, tricks, and strategies from the content experts at Axel and Associates!

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