Major Mistakes To Avoid With Newsletters

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Major Mistakes To Avoid With Newsletters

Having a regular newsletter is a great way to keep your audience engaged and add value to their experience with your business.

It is also a good way to inform them of important updates and opportunities while showing how active your business is.

However, the benefits of a professional newsletter are often eliminated, or greatly reduced, by some common and avoidable issues.

To get ahead of these problems, the Axel & Associates Content Marketing experts are here to share some important pro tips…

How To Avoid Common Newsletter Mistakes

First: Bland and unclear subject.

Unfortunately, too many newsletters out there simply have the name of the business, the month, and the word “newsletter” — and then call it a day. This format will really only speak to diehard fans and followers of that brand, which is usually not a huge group when we are discussing small and mid-sized businesses. Instead, give the recipient a hint of what the content will be, ideally with the main highlight of the newsletter. The main point should be to give value, and therefore incentive, for opening and reading your newsletter. Doing so will consistently outperform the generic approach and get your open rate growing!

Second: Lack of cohesion.

This works closely with the first point. Instead of collecting a random and disorganized set of facts and updates, we recommend curating your newsletters around a clear and specific theme. This helps all your points thread together and become more memorable as a whole. It also makes it easier to achieve a more compelling and enticing subject line that they’ll actually open!

Third: Uninteresting content.

Finally, now that you’re curating each of your newsletters around a theme, be sure that each point you include is consistent with that theme. That also means each point should have a punchiness to it that earns its place in your newsletter. Remember the root word of newsletter: News! So, as you draft your newsletter, ask yourself “is this point newsworthy?” If each point you include meets that mark, you’re going to have a much high-quality (and higher-performing) newsletter that will show in your results.

Incorporating these three Pro Tips will lay the right framework for a newsletter that avoids the biggest pitfalls is better positioned to take advantage of all the benefits a newsletter can bring to your business.

Stay tuned for more newsletter tips, tricks, and strategies from the content experts at Axel and Associates!

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