Three Expert COVID Marketing Tips

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Three Expert COVID Marketing Tips

We’re living in uncharted times every day. 

When planning for COVID-19, it’s important to think in new ways to help your business thrive. 

Here are three free Covid Marketing Tips for your business to implement from our team of experts and specialists at Axel & Associates. . . 

First: Advertise where people are migrating to. Online habits and trends are very fluid during these prolonged waves of Covid outbreaks. However, one important element to remember is that we’re all largely in the same boat, so we large tend to migrate in similar ways online. On the whole, entertainment and streaming platforms have been surging since the Covid began as people are spending more time at home and looking for distractions. So it is well worth it to track which social media and entertainment platforms are becoming popular and how your brand fits into these trends. You can then use that data to craft a highly-targeted ad campaign to those platforms. 

Second: invest in video conferencing. As a whole, video conferencing use has surged during Covid for obvious reasons. There are many ways to integrate this into your business and it’s worth exploring a range of options and seeing which are the best fit for you and your business. One option is to include Zoom and Skype features for your customer service operations to lend a more human touch than only using phone calls and emails. Another option is to host regular video streaming courses on subjects relating to your industry that inform viewers and also strengthen your brand authority within your field. 

Third: embrace voice command and home automation features. Just as video conferencing and entertainment usage has surged, so has home automation. More specifically, Google Home/Nest and Alexa devices have also increased in use as households have become more linked and synchronized to virtual operations. All of this makes it as easy and streamlined as possible for users to find what they are looking for. So it’s important to be sure that your business and online brand is equipped to work with and be found by these features as smoothly as possible. 

Need help making sure your business is upgraded and adapted to thrive in the Covid Age? Reach us at 866-DAVIDAXEL (866-328-4329) or to set up a consultation to map out the best way forward for you and your brand.

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