How To Boost Your Online Sales: Part 2

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How To Boost Your Online Sales: Part 2

E-commerce is an ever-growing part of the 21st century economy, and that trend is not reversing.

To help your business grow its revenue and land more e-sales, the Axel & Associates digital marketing experts are back with more tips and tricks…

Pro Tips To Increase Online Sales

Pro Tip #1: Have A Remarketing Strategy.

Instead directing all your marketing and sales efforts towards landing a customer right after an initial exposure, remarketing is centered on playing the long game. Because of this, it yields much higher results and converts many customers who may not have been fully convinced after their first impressions. Remarketing uses browser cookies to sort out which specific products or services of yours a potential customer is interested in, and created personalized ads on various platforms over time to showcase it. This is especially helpful for upselling or converting costumers who have gone as far as adding an item to their online cart but never went through checkout!

Pro Tip #2: Only Use Quality Graphics And Images.

One of the most essential parts of an online listing is the imagery. While product descriptions are also important, people have always responded more strongly to imagery than to text. Be sure to include a multitude of high-resolution images from various angles on your product listings, and make sure your product is clearly the central focus of the image. Another great option is it add in a product video at the end to tie-in its features and selling points seamlessly and make it easier to envision what it would be like to own the product. Remember: the better your graphics and product imagery look, the more enticing it will be and the more confidence the buyer will have in their purchase. High-quality images, videos and graphics really go a long way to close a sale online!

Pro Tip #3: Maximize In-Person Interactions.

As everything gets more digital and virtual reality replaces a lot of the interactions we used to take for granted, bringing back the human touch is a real selling point. It also allows for another unique way to connect with customers beyond ads so you don’t solely have to rely on landing pages for success. Find ways to direct visitors to call staff members by phone, or to use live chat features on your website and social media. You can also take advantage of the popularity of video calls so they can attach a name with a face. Human interactions can also help facilitate longterm brand loyalty!

Pro Tip #4: Keep The Checkout Process Easy.

A lot of work has gone into the buyer’s journey. Getting to the finish line at the checkout stage is sometimes more a zigzag than a line! To leave things on as positive a note as possible, keep things simple and seamless in the checkout process. Make sure to include as many payment options as possible, and to accept as many credit cards as you can (as well as ApplePay, PayPal, Google Wallet, etc). Another great option to offer is installment payments (such as via Affirm and Zip) for more expensive products, which have become more popular since the pandemic. Lastly, you should also provide options for saving their information or easily creating accounts to ensure their next purchase is even easier with their shipping and payment information already saved.

Stay tuned for more Pro Tips, tricks, ideas, and strategies from the online marketing experts at Axel & Associates!

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