How To Boost Your Online Sales: Part 3

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How To Boost Your Online Sales: Part 3

One of the many lessons we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic was just how much of our economy could transfer through to the digital world.

Since then, virtual competition has never been steeper.

To help your business eek out as many competitive edges as possible, our Axel online marketing experts are back with more tips to grow online sales!

5 Fast Online Marketing Tips To Increase Digital Sales

Sales Tip #1: Have Consistent Messaging.

When you promote your products and services online, there will be multiple moving parts involved. These will likely include multiple ads, landing pages, and product pages. This makes it essential to use, and reinforce, consistent messaging across your business’s website, social media, emails, and in-person discussions around your products and services. If potential customers are seeing differing information, they will become confused and the lack of clarity may drive them away. So looking through all of your copy for any contradictions or outdated information will be especially important. Having consistent messaging also gives you added opportunities to reinforce your selling points with some added nuance here and there. This makes the core massaging more likely to set-in and result in sales.

Sales Tip #2: Be Mobile Optimized.

There’s a good chance that at some point in the User Journey, a potential customer will likely be using a mobile device. Whether it is on a phone or tablet, this will only become more common in the future. To respond, your ads, emails, and website should all be as mobile optimized as possible. Some key things to check for are: image quality, that text doesn’t cut off anywhere, and that all your links and videos work. You should also see how your features work when a mobile device is rotated. If customers have difficulty reading or using your website on mobile devices, it will be easier for them to decide they don’t need your product or service rather than hop to a desktop or laptop to complete the purchase there… When it comes to mobile optimization the details matter!

 Sales Tip #3: Address All Main Concerns.

A major (but subtle) factor that frequently harms sales is not explaining a product well enough and not tackling the buyer’s concerns from the get-go. This should be done in product pages, where they will spend most of their time while considering if they will move forward with a purchase. As you lay out explanations and address questions, be thorough but also clear and straightforward. Use each explanation as another opportunity to show why the product is worth getting while also fully resolving each question. Also: make sure to not merely address concerns in long, boring blocks of text. Instead, try using bullet points, lists, or even short videos and graphics to hold their interest. One option is to include individual FAQs for each of your products. Another option is to allow customers to submit their own questions, which your address right below!

 Sales Tip #4: Give Free Bonus

Free offers will always be popular — and popular with everyone! There’s many ways to creatively giveaway products and services to help expose your business and gain new customers. One option is a free trail or sample tied to signing up for a newsletter. Another option is offering a flash-sale, like a seasonal holiday sale or introductory rollout offer that includes bundles like buy one get one free (“BOGO sales”). They’re simple, they’re common, but they also really work!

Sales Tip #5: Maximize Follow-up Emails

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is only prioritizing the sale. Instead, the bigger priority should be prioritizing brand loyalty. This converts one-off customers into regulars! One of the easiest ways to build a pipeline of customers loyal to your brand is by having a good products, good customer service, and by keeping in touch. Sending a follow-up email shortly after a sale not only keeps you in their mind, but opens the door for you to show them other products they may be interested in. Your first follow-up email can include a feedback survey and offer them the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter to stay in touch with new products and new exclusive sales as incentives. From there, the odds will be much higher that a growing number of your customers that may have initially found you through an ad campaign will turn into repeat business for your and steadily grow your overall online sales in a noticeable way.

For more pro tips from the marketing and sales experts at Axel & Associates, check out our previous online sales blogs here and here — and stay tuned for future tips, tricks, and strategies!

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