How to Market Your Business During COVID-19: A Winning Psychology (Part 1)

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How to Market Your Business During COVID-19: A Winning Psychology (Part 1)

Let’s talk psychology. In a time when marketing conventions are being questioned, reevaluated, and in flux, our team recommends looking beyond day-to-day circumstances in order to understand what’s going on beneath the surface.

We can all use basic psychology to not only market better, but also to [re]frame our own mindsets and better position our businesses to succeed during the rest of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why it matters: All marketing is rooted in understanding behavior. While many think that business is driven by bottom-lines like sales and contracts, the truth is there’s a lot more to the picture than that. It’s easy to be obsessed by these kinds of concrete parameters, especially in times where the bottom-line has never been more important. But doing so is missing the big picture that is key to your next level of success. This is because business is also driven by many often invisible and intangible factors. These can make a huge difference in how your company is perceived and how you stack up to your competition during COVID-19. A major intangible that permeates every aspect of your business is the psychological mindset and expectations set from the top on down. This mindset (consciously or unconsciously) guides the details of how you frame and execute your marketing plans and how successfully they turn out. It’s a head game not only in terms of how your business is seen by others, but how it sees itself and is positioning itself for the future. We’re going to be covering the most effective mindsets to use when crafting marketing, branding, and other business operations along with some great tips to flesh out and apply with these mindsets. So let’s dive in to ways you can set up a winning mindset for the Covid economy that gets your business ahead. . . 

First, begin by building off what you have. That’s your base, your foundation. Start off with a widespread effort to maximize your existing assets and network, not only externally via clients and partners, but also the often overlooked internal assets. This is an essential time to reinvest in your existing human capital and in-house experts. While we are seeing high layoffs during this tough economy, our team argues that your firm will be better served in the short and long term by tapping into your human capital to get through this in creative ways. This is the time to lean on them as your personal brain trust to help sketch your map to get through these times. Start having strategy sessions with your longtime staff and get their sense of what your client base most needs and will respond to right now. Take their ideas and feedback down on paper and map out the plans and directions that make the most sense. This will also be helpful if you decide to bring in marketing experts. Having these points on hand from your longtime staff will give them an important context to analyze and apply with new solutions. Bonus tip: It would also be a good idea to spotlight longtime staff in your marketing. This will to give your business a human touch that will distinguish you from your competition, especially during these times when consumers are more conscientious of where they spend their money. Bonus tip #2: by this same thinking, as the human face and frontlines of your business and brand, your staff should also be trained to place central focus on customer experience/client relations – and improving them wherever possible. Positive interactions and experience ripple into better business.

Related to working with what you have and rethinking how you use it, we also recommend emphasizing soft skills like adaptability in order to navigate uncertain times. The Coronavirus is not about survival of the fittest, but survival of the most adaptable. This particular soft skill will continue to serve you well and help you succeed after Covid, by which time you will be even more successful at navigating the unpredictable and working it to your advantage. Make adaptability a motto of your business and encourage every member of your team to be ready to roll with what works. Another soft skill trait that will benefit everyone during Covid is placing a strong focus on long-term goals and priorities. Its easy to get overwhelmed by daily uncertainty, but this is a marathon, not a sprint. The businesses that keep their cool and ensure every member of your team is focused on the big picture will be the ones that thrive and come out the other end stronger. Bonus tip: build team moral with regular reminders of these kinds of messages through office signs or emails.

Finally, building off that point, look at your existing regular clients and customers. Communicate your company’s doubling-down on the human element during this turbulent times as well as the appreciation and value you place on your existing business relationships. Encourage them to share their feedback on why they have stayed with your business over other (essentially asking them what they like about you) and solidify that by securing Covid-oriented reviews that can be placed online via Google reviews, social media, and other popular online review sites. While further developing your existing client relationships you may also want to feel out any referral opportunities they might be able to send your way. Bonus tip: one way to do this in a structured, incentive-driven way is to set up a discrete B2B referral program for your business that offers referral fees or regular discounts for members who participate. Bonus tip #2: Just like we suggesting sharing regular uplifting messages to your team, we recommend doing the same with your clients, customers, and broader audience to further humanize your brand during Covid. You can do this in several ways including on social media, newsletters, or even as a regular calendar/daily quote feature on your website. Bringing positivity and encouragement is not only needed, but will help your brand stand out and show it is dedicated to seeing clients and customers as people and not just dollar figures and revenue sources. This has a strong and special resonance during Covid and can translate in higher brand loyalty down the road, likely lasting well beyond the pandemic.

These solutions are innovative ways to orient your business’s corporate climate and outlook toward adapting and overcoming in the COVID-19 era. When you, your team, and your audience see your business and brand in an improved light, our job as marketers becomes much easier to magnetize and multiply your earnings – the impact truly ripples out. These positive psychology applications truly do make a difference, now more than ever. We can get through this together and even stronger than before, especially if we think and act with the right mindset.

Stay tuned for the second part of our Winning Psychology-themed Covid Marketing Tips to help your business strengthen its footing, improve its outlook, and tap into consumer needs in order to better position your brand for growth during the Covid era. . . 

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