Remarketing 101: What Is It And How Can You Use It?

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Remarketing 101: What Is It And How Can You Use It?

The nature of marketing has changed dramatically — and exponentially — in the 21st century.

To help you keep up, and ahead, of the latest trends, our Axel marketing experts are here to break down the basics for your business…

What is “Re-Marketing”?

Marketing is the standard practice of promoting goods and services to a specific market. In an ad campaign, for example, you have a target audience in mind for your goods and services that then see the ad. If it’s effective, they move forward with a purchase. Otherwise, they move on.

With standard marketing, that’s the end of the story. However, with Re-marketing, we use a more in-depth and layered approach to deliver more results from those who did not proceed to a purchase.

How does Remarketing work?

Remarketing is specifically geared towards those who have already visited your website and seen your ads, so this audience is at least somewhat familiar with your brand. Because they are already familiar with the brand and showed some level of interest, this strategy uses cookies on your website to better track their interests. It then creates new, more individually-catered and personalized ads to close the deal. This allows your marketing strategies to be more efficient and effective in maximizing your target audience with more than one pass, and also better-ensuring your next-at-bat ad campaign is better suited to your audience!

The most popular tool for Remarketing is GoogleAds, which lets you create specialized lists to target based on the people who visit your website. Since remarketing is focused on those who have already seen your website, it’s an especially effective tactic for upselling campaigns and location-based marketing if you tend to get clusters of customers from recurring places. It’s also excellent for following-up with visitors to your e-store that may have left items on their cart but did not complete their checkout!

Stay tuned to learn more about Remarketing and other 21st century online marketing tips, tricks, and strategies from the advertising specialists at Axel & Associates!

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