ReMarketing Tips to Grow Your Returns

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ReMarketing Tips to Grow Your Returns

In our last post, we delved into what “Re-Marketing” is and it’s many benefits.

To help you build your brand awareness, brand trust and, most importantly, brand loyalty, our Axel online marketing experts are back with three key pro tips…

3 Effective Remarketing Strategies

Pro Tip #1: Focus on your web traffic.

Your best remarketing tool are the cookies on your website. Therefore, it’s a strategic choice to grow your remarketing options by first focusing on increasing your website visitors. Then, as your web traffic grows, you can use this data to build your remarketing lists. From there, SEO, social media campaigns, and PPC ads are great options to consider to expand your web traffic with relevant, micro-targeted audiences!

Pro Tip #2: Think about timing.

Be sure to time your ads strategically, otherwise you risk throwing your money away — even if you are targeting the perfect audience segments. To do that, schedule your ads to run only when you know your audience is awake, active, and online. This is why it is key to know your audience and have a strong and detailed customer profile. Some things to keep in mind are: their work schedules (especially if they have unusual work hours, like the healthcare field), how your ads relates to any seasonal trends, and their time zones. Also keep in mind you will likely be utilizing high-traffic time slots. This means you will have to put some thought into how your ads will be more memorable and relevant to them than the many other ads they will be seeing in that same period.

Pro Tip #3: Check performance.

Lastly, remember that results are you most important asset. The more remarketing ad campaigns you run, the more you will develop a good sense and understanding of what is effective and what is not with your target audience. It’s essentially to always take note of what works, and then adapt to that to keep your ads as fine-tunes as possible in the future. This doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and take chances — because you should! — just always make sure to track the data so you can learn from every chance you take.

Stay tuned for more Remarketing tips, tricks, and ideas to grow your business from the advertising specialists at Axel & Associates!

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