How to Use Local Advantages to Market to Your Business

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How to Use Local Advantages to Market to Your Business

Being a small or mid-sized local business can seem like you are the small fish in a pond run by the big firms.

However, there are some major home field advantages that you have at your disposal, and these can make a significant difference for your business.

To help you maximize them, our marketing specialists at Axel & Associates have laid out major local advantages your business has and crafted them into helpful steps to up your marketing game plan!

The Marketing Value Of Being A Local Business

First: Trust. People will tend to trust businesses that have a listed physical location more than those that are virtual-only. This is because it is inherently seen as more legitimate. This is especially true if the address is local and in an area they recognize. To take advantage of this, be sure to list your business address online, starting with your website!

Second: Community. People prefer to give their business to local rather than large nationwide chains or multinational corporations. That’s why its helpful to regularly participate in events local-focused days like Small Business Saturday. Many towns also have events dedicated to local businesses in their community, so keep an eye out for those to and promote your involvement in them!

Third: Google. Being a local business helps seal the deal on Google searches. Be sure to invest in building out your Local SEO. A good place to start, actually the best place to start, is Google My Business. Be sure to set up your Google Business Profile and include all the basic information. Then work on getting (positive) reviews, which are also key in making the difference when customers and clients search up businesses they’re close to.

This will get your business on good footing to out-compete your bigger competitors with a home field advantage marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for more pro tips, tricks, and ideas from Axel & Associates for boosting your marketing, branding, and communications needs.

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