How To Use Storytelling In Marketing

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How To Use Storytelling In Marketing

Storytelling is powerful. Throughout history, entire myths have risen from our creative minds to explain and connect to the world around us in engaging ways. We are hardwired to love a good story.

That’s why storytelling is a great way to supercharge you marketing! Crafting a story into or around your marketing copy and campaigns will help your ads hold your audience’s attention, and resonate with them long-term.

Fortunately, our marketing experts at Axel & Associates have three easy tips to enhance your marketing with powerful stories and themes…

3 Ways To Weave Storytelling Into Your Marketing

First: Tell the story of your business.

It’s important to start with the most obvious, and the most important story of them all. The story of your business is also the story of your brand. If your brand has evolved over the years, look for the seeds of where you are now through the past to build a stronger narrative. A great way to tell your company story is on your website’s About Us page on your website. From there, you can also go more in-depth with blog posts, old photos of how small your operation was at the start, and even short videos. Videos are a perfect opportunity to show those who were there at the beginning and during other key moments so they can share their memories and the reasons or inspirations for why your business began.

Second: Tell your customer’s stories.

Once you have a clear narrative in place for your business and brand that lines up with and reinforces your identity, the next key story is your customers and clients. They are the lifeblood of any business, so it is important to spotlight and celebrate them. These are extremely effective testimonials as they show real people and relate on a human level. While you find and uplift case studies, be sure to find those that clearly show how your business’s services have made a positive difference to them. Look for people and stories that have impact and individuals with interesting personalities that audiences would want to see, especially if in a video. Seeing that real-life positivity is infectious and will help magnetize future customers who have experienced similar issues or are looking for similar outcomes.

Third: Tell your staff’s stories.

At the end of the day, no matter how polished your marketing and communications are, your staff remains the face and frontline of your brand. That is something you should use to your advantage to humanize your brand because no one relates to a nameless brand. Find uplifting and interesting individuals on your staff and use these cases to show your company culture and team atmosphere. Staff shout-outs and spotlights also are a great opportunity to showcase your human capital. By showing the background, talent, and passion of your individual staff members, it shows the depth of collective skill your company has to offer clients.

Crafting these three narratives will add depth and appeal to your business’s marketing. Then, going the extra step of making sure they flow together and reinforce each other will make your storytelling even more memorable to audiences. Over time this strategy will help substantially increase your brand recognition, which also helps your individual ads become more memorable too.

Stay tuned for more pro tips and tricks from Axel and Associates to supercharge your marketing and communications with storytelling!

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